Black Box New Play Festival

The Gallery Players are seeking short and full-length plays for their Black Box New Play festival which takes place in June 2009. Plays must be un-produced.

Please submit the following;
-A Resume
-A one-page synopsis of the play
-A list of characters including gender and age; setting, time and place.
-Two copies of your script
-A check or money order for $10 payable to The Gallery Players
-A self addressed, stamped postcard if you wish us to acknowledge receipt of your materials.

Send submissions via mail by December 1st. 2008 to:
The Gallery Players
199 14th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
No e-mail submissions please. We cannot return any materials submitted.

Final play selection will take place by the end of January 2009. There will be black box productions of selected plays. Other pieces will receive staged readings.



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