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Annual short play festival

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Many of you know that the Elephant does an annual short play festival called
LOVE BITES that opens conveniently on Valentines Day every year.  This short
play fest has been an audience favorite for the past ten years.  These

not-so-romantic shorts and dysfunctional comedies deal
with the awkward,
darker and he odd aspects of love when it doesn’t
quite work out…the

«… not for the faint of heart. Superbly acted and ably
directed, these
pieces, whether surreal or true to life, make for a crisp
evening of
outrageous fun.»  – BACK STAGE

We are now accepting
submissions for our 11th edition of LOVE BITES!

The rules:
– Length:
must be no longer than 10 minutes.
– Cast: no restrictions
– Subject
matter: Anything to do with relationships (romantic or otherwise), marriage,
singledom, crushes, infatuation, odd moments between two people, their pets,
food, etc.  We have a wide gap for interpretation.
– Submission: please MAIL
a hard copy.  We will return the copy to you if you include a self addressed and
stamped envelope.
– Because of the large amount of submissions, we will only
contact the playwrights that are selected to be part of our reading/selection
process sometime in November/December.

Elephant Theatre
c/o Cheryl Huggins, Literary Manager
6322 Santa Monica Blvd
Angeles, CA 90038


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Submit an original play
Guidelines:  Athena Theatre is seeking plays to read in our monthly play reading series. The purpose of this series is to develop new works which explore a new voice, expresses storytelling in an unconventional way, challenges both the artists as well as the audience to think outside of the box. The play may explore views on religion, race, gender, politics, social change, hunger, blindness or disability of any kind. Please note we are only considering full length staged plays at this time with a cast of ten or less, unit set, genre/theme which is of the style of our past productions. From the play reading series, a play will be picked to develop into a staged reading. The staged readings will be performed on a quarterly basis. Please check back to view our staged reading schedule. When submitting please include all of the following:
  • -a brief cover letter stating how you think your play fits our mission statement as well as the how it relates to our past productions.
  • -a one page summary
  • -character breakdown.
We will contact you within one month if we are interested in doing a play reading of your play. The play reading series was developed to explore original work.
E-mail to: Patrick Varon (Literary Manager)


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Dear Playwright,

You are invited to submit an original 10-minute play to Abingdon Theatre Company’s THE OFFICE REVENGE COMEDIES Benefit Challenge Series. This effort engages artists who support a theatre dedicated to new plays.
Our Office Revenge Comedies Benefit Challenge Series asks you to unleash your creativity by writing a short comedy where a character uses confrontational or non-confrontational acts to inflict harm in return for perceived wrong in the workplace. Be creative! Consider all forms of office revenge: physical retaliation, gossip, manipulation, mind games, workplace deviance (i.e. co-worker backstabbing, cyber-loafing, and harassment). We are especially interested in plays where the retaliator’s actions manipulate existent office procedures, practices or norms to extract their revenge. Blackmail could also work nicely. Keep in mind, payback is sweet when it works and s**ks when it backfires.
We strongly encourage original play submissions that are developed for this presentation.
Using your skills and imagination, write an original play that will be presented as a staged reading on the set of Abingdon’s next production, MARCH MADNESS, by Mike Vogel and directed by Donald Brenner. This new American play opens Abingdon’s 20th Season. The Benefit Challenge Series seeks plays written in any style that reveal a fresh plot, sufficient conflict and a running time of 10 minutes, maximum. Plays are due at midnight on Friday, October 5, 2012. SERIES A performs on Tuesday, October 30, and SERIES B performs on November 11. Are you ready? Here are the guidelines. Please read carefully!
  1. Abingdon presents the play. We provide the actors, directors, stage manager, rehearsal space and the theatre (the 55-seat Dorothy Strelsin Theatre at the Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex, 312 W. 36th Street, NYC). There is no fee or cost to the playwright!
  2. This is also a fundraiser to support Abingdon’s New Play Development Program. ALL participants are donating their time and talent, and HELPING TO RECRUIT AN AUDIENCE. Our goal is to fill every seat in the house! The suggested audience donation is $10.
  3. Each playwright and director will be able to attend the staged reading of their script in designated seating.
  4. Every play gets two performances.
Please make sure you follow all submission requirements.
  1. Your play must adhere to the theme of office revenge.
  2. Your play must be set in an office.Available set pieces are several workstations and chairs. Each station will have a telephone.
  3. Write for a cast of 2-3 actors (any age, race, ethnicity, or gender).
  4. We prefer scripts that can be staged without relying on stage directions. If stage directions are necessary, please keep them to a minimum.
  5. Your script will be presented as a staged reading in accordance with AEA guidelines. Keep production values to a minimum. Costumes are at the discretion of the director and the willing cooperation of the actors. No hand props can be used.
  6. Plays should be in standard script format: 12 point font, 1” margins on all sides, and character names on a separate line. On your title page, please include your contact information (phone, email and address). Be sure to number all pages.
  7. Submit scripts in MS-Word – preferred – or PDF format.
  8. Scripts longer than 10 pages – title and character breakdown pages are not counted – will NOT be considered. Regardless of the number of pages, the running time MUST be no more than 10 minutes!
  9. You may only submit one script for consideration.
  10. Playwrights must attend the staged readings of their play.Please specify your availability for SERIES A (10/30), and/or SERIES B (11/11). If you are available for either slot, let us know that, too!
  11. We encourage you to attend rehearsals, if possible. The schedule will be determined later.
  12. The deadline for script submission is midnight, October 5. Up to 12 scripts will be chosen.
  1. Email your scripts to Bara Swain at
  2. Write in the subject line: OFFICE COMEDIES SUBMISSION / Your Name
  3. In the body of the email, send your complete contact information (name, phone, email address) and a one-line summaryof your play as well as your availability (Series A and/or Series B).
  4. You will be contacted regarding your script’s status in mid-October.
If you have any questions, contact Bara Swain or Kim T. Sharp, Co-Producers. For more information on Abingdon Theatre Company, see our website at We look forward to hearing from you!
Bara Swain
Kim T. Sharp
Abingdon’s Benefit Challenge Series

Comedic sketches

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Deadline: December 31, 2012
Material type: Comedic sketches, songs, or sketches with songs
Length: Shorts; recommended length 3-5 minutes (no longer than about 7 minutes) Thunderclap Productions and the creative team behind Death, the Musical are now accepting open submissions from lyricists, book writers, and composers from anywhere in the world. Please direct submissions to submissions(at)thunderclapproductions(dot)com or questions to Aaron Alon, the project’s creative director.
  1. Every sketch/song must be related to some aspect of sex and must be comic.
  2. You may use up to 2 men and 2 women in your sketch/song.
  3. You can write a sketch, a song, or a sketch with a song in it. Songs may include lyrics and music or just lyrics.
  4. Those interested in writing music alone are asked to forward samples of their previous work.
  5. Limit your set requirements to a table and chairs. Keep props to a manageable minimum as well.
  6. Your submission can be up to about 7 minutes in length. Most selected sketches/songs will run 3-5 minutes.
  7. Submissions are due by December 1, 2012. We will announce the selected sketches/songs in March 2013. Writers whose works are included will earn a share of any profits/royalties.
Please follow these instructions to submit:
  1. Submit a script and/or score with your name removed. Include a cover page with the title, a breakdown of characters by gender (e.g., 2m/1w), and a 1-2 line synopsis.
  2. Provide an identical second script and/or score that now also includes your name and contact information.
  3. Please also include a short bio and a performance history of your sketch and/or song if it has been previously performed.
  4. Send all of your files to submissions(at)thunderclapproductions(dot)com with “Sex Musical Submission” as the subject line.
  5. For sending large files, we recommend zipping them and sending them through or a similar service.
Accepted File Types:
  • SCRIPTS or STAND-ALONE LYRICS: pdf, WORD (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt), Final Draft (version 7 or below)
  • SCORES: pdf, Finale (.mus)
  • AUDIO: mp3 strongly preferred (other formats may also be accepted)

2013 International Mystery Writers’ Festival «Discovering New Mysteries»

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The  International Mystery Writers’ Festival is accepting submissions of original plays, screenplays, teleplays, and short stories for both adult and youth audiences.
Deadline is October 13, 2012
Eligible works may not have been professionally produced (for profit) at any time.
Send FULL SCRIPT Submissions with a separate cover page with author information to:
«Discovering New Mysteries» at RiverPark Attn: Donna Conkwright 101 Daviess Street Owensboro, KY  42303
Please do not list the author’s name or contact information on script pages or title page.


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The deadline for submissions to reach Culture*Park is Monday,October 1, 2012.

We welcome your play submissions! Please note the following guidelines for submitting a play to Marathon, 2011:

> Plays should have a 15 minute maximum running time (15 pages or fewer)

> Please submit one copy via email, as a .pdf or doc.

> Submissions should be in «standard play format»

> One play submission per playwright, please

> Include a (separate) cover page with playwright name and contact information

> Include a brief synopsis of the play, and character breakdown

> Plays should be recent and never produced

> No re-submissions, please

> Please confirm your availability to attend the Marathon on November 24, and participate in a brief panel discussion about the play/process

> Deadline for submission is 10/1/12

> Seeking plays with regional and/or waterythemes (Not required, though. We consider all plays, always!)

>Please email a copy of the play, cover page and synopsis to: with ÒMarathon SubmissionÓ as the subject

Plays will be read and selected by a committee of theater artists and writers. Selected plays will be posted on the Culture*Park website by Monday, October 8, 2012, and playwrights will be contacted. The plays will be presented as staged readings by an ensemble of actors and directors on Saturday, November 24, 2012, in the New Bedford Whaling Museum Theater. For more information, please email, or call Culture*Park at 774-202-0588. Visit the web site at for information about Culture*Park, and to view clips from previous Marathons. Follow the 11th Marathon on facebook!

Culture*Park Theatre is a collaborative of theatre and performing artists and entities that supports the production and development of new works in theatre and dance, especially those with regional and culturally provocative themes. Culture*Park has presented over 200 short plays over the past 10 Marathons. Some of the plays have had further development, and subsequent productions, and publication

Marathon sponsors include the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the New Bedford Cultural Council

5th Annual New Works Competition

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Las Vegas Little Theatre announces an open call for submissions for our 5th Annual New Works Competition. Submissions will be accepted through December 31, 2012. The Winner of the New Works Competition will have their play produced in the April / May Black Box Production slot.

1. All plays must be full length (90 minutes or more). No musicals, please. 2. Plays must have no more than 8 characters — doubling is allowed. 3. The set must be simple or representational. 4. Ideally looking for subject matter that will appeal to an age range of 18-30. 5. Seeking new plays that have not been professionally produced or published. 6. Plays will be screened by the competition committee. The top 5 will be submitted to the judges. 7. Prizes–1st prize = Production of the play in the Fischer Black box in May plus $150. 2nd prize = $75. 3rd prize = $50. 8. Contestants must sign a release form to authorize production. 9. Scripts cannot be returned. 10. Materials that are adapted from or otherwise derived from copyrighted source material must also submit permission to use the material at the time of submission. 11. The winning author agrees to the production of his/her play with no royalty payment. The author also agrees to allow LVLT to video tape the production. The author will receive a DVD of the production. LVLT cannot provide transportation, lodging or other compensation for the author to travel to Las Vegas for the production. 12. Members of LVLT’s board of directors may not submit for this competition. 13. Submissions will be accepted throught Dec 31, 2012. The winner will be announced no later than March 15, 2013. 14. Decision of the judges is final. Any disputes will be decided by the LVLT board of directors. 15. Each submission will be assigned a number and author’s name will not be provided on judges copies of the script to prevent any bias.
Click Here to Download the Rules
Click Here to Download the Entry Form
All Submissions MUST be accompanied by a completed Entry Form
Click HERE to submit via email or email to