Royal Court Theatre presents PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain)

240x160_fitandcropInternational writers join up with their British counterparts to bring their experiences to the Royal Court. What is life really like for those living in today’s austerity. Daily dispatches from Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain will invade the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs.

“With unemployment reaching almost 30% in Greece, soup kitchens springing up and immigrants being physically assaulted by Neo-Nazis on a daily basis it seems like the right time to put the lives of those affected by the eurozone crisis centre-stage at the Royal Court. Collaborating with writers from the countries on the frontline of austerity and using a variety of theatrical forms we will bring the PIIGS into the heart of London for a week of tragedy, comedy and rage”
Alexi Kaye Campbell, Playwright

Writers involved include:

PORTUGAL Tuesday 25 June
Sandra Pinheiro (Lisbon)
April De Angelis (London)
Translated by Mark O’Thomas

ITALY Wednesday 26 June
Fausto Paravidino (Rome)
Anders Lustgarden (London)
Translated by Gillian Hanna

IRELAND Thursday 27 June
Deidre Kinahan (Dublin)
Kieran Hurley (Glasgow)

GREECE Friday 28 June
Andreas Flourakis (Athens)
Alexi Kaye Campbell (London)
Translated by Alexi Kaye Campbell

SPAIN Saturday 29 June
Vanessa Montfort (Madrid)
Alexandra Wood (London)
Translated by William Gregory

Age Guidance 14+

PIIGS is presented as part of International Playwrights: A Genesis Foundation Project.


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