10-Minute Play Contest on the topics of Sleep and Dreaming

Winners receive:

1) A, free to the public, staged reading of their play, produced in UofL’s Studio Theatre.

2) Two free tickets to the Actors Theatre of Louisville Humana Festival play of your choice (some restrictions apply)

To submit your work, please send one copy of your play (no more than 8-10 pages, please), stapled, with a cover page that includes all of your contact information, to the following address:

University of Louisville Theatre Arts Department

ATTN: 10-Minute Play Contest

2314 South Floyd Street

Louisville, KY 40292

All submissions are due by January 9, 2013

The first 200 plays will be read by a committee of University of Louisville Theatre Arts Alumni, final selections will be read by a panel of readers from University of Louisville and Actors Theatre of Louisville.

This contest is inspired by Sleep Rock Thy Brain, a new play by Rinne Groff, Lucas Hnath, and Anne Washburn. Sleep Rock Thy Brain is being produced in partnership with Actors Theatre of Louisville, ZFX Flying Effects, Lincoln Elementary Performing Arts School and Jefferson County Public Schools. The play will be performed by the Actors Theatre Apprentice/Intern Company March 22-April 7, and the following week by the University of Louisville Theatre Arts Department April 14-18. Both productions will be staged at the Owsley Brown II Theater at Lincoln Performing Arts School.

For more information, please call 502-852-7682.

Melanie Henry

University of Louisville, Theatre Arts Department




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