Annual short play festival

Many of you know that the Elephant does an annual short play festival called
LOVE BITES that opens conveniently on Valentines Day every year.  This short
play fest has been an audience favorite for the past ten years.  These

not-so-romantic shorts and dysfunctional comedies deal
with the awkward,
darker and he odd aspects of love when it doesn’t
quite work out…the

«… not for the faint of heart. Superbly acted and ably
directed, these
pieces, whether surreal or true to life, make for a crisp
evening of
outrageous fun.»  – BACK STAGE

We are now accepting
submissions for our 11th edition of LOVE BITES!

The rules:
– Length:
must be no longer than 10 minutes.
– Cast: no restrictions
– Subject
matter: Anything to do with relationships (romantic or otherwise), marriage,
singledom, crushes, infatuation, odd moments between two people, their pets,
food, etc.  We have a wide gap for interpretation.
– Submission: please MAIL
a hard copy.  We will return the copy to you if you include a self addressed and
stamped envelope.
– Because of the large amount of submissions, we will only
contact the playwrights that are selected to be part of our reading/selection
process sometime in November/December.

Elephant Theatre
c/o Cheryl Huggins, Literary Manager
6322 Santa Monica Blvd
Angeles, CA 90038


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