University of Hawai’i playwriting contest

Each year Kumu Kahua Theatre co-sponsors a playwriting contest with the University of Hawai’i at Minoa Theatre and Dance Department in its effort to bring new and exciting drama to the stage.
Entries must be postmarked no later than Wednesday, January 2, 2013, to qualify.
Prizes are awarded in three separate categories:
The Hawai’i Prize ($600) is open to residents and non-residents of Hawai‘i; the play must be set in Hawai‘i or deal with some aspect of the Hawai‘i experience.
One prize will be offered in each category. All plays must be original and must not involve adaptation from any copyrighted source. Also, they should not have received previous production in their current form.
This contest, in concert with playwrighting classes at Kumu Kahua Theatre, are part of an ongoing effort to actively develop Hawai‘i’s art and artists.
For more information, see our website:, or call the Kumu Kahua Theatre office at 536-4222 to request a flyer giving full details of the contest rules.
The Pacific/Rim Prize ($450) is open to residents and non-residents of Hawai‘i; the play must be set in or deal with the Pacific Islands, the Pacific Rim, or the Pacific/Asian American experience.


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