CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Full Circle Theatrics

Full Circle
Theatrics (Los Angeles) is currently seeking submissions for their upcoming
Monthly Reading Series. Full Circle is committed to further examining the human
condition by producing both revivals and new works which challenge audiences to
question, to think differently, and to explore beyond their comfort zone. They
are accepting submissions of all genres, but plays submitted must be of full
length (no One-Acts at this time) and may not have been produced in Los

Please include a short bio, a character/cast breakdown and a
brief synopsis of the play with each submission. Please note that they
specifically prefer cast sizes of 8 or less. If you would like your script
returned to you, please provide a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope along with
your submission.

Please send submissions to:

Full Circle
El Centro Theatre
804 N. El Centro Ave
Los Angeles, CA


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