5th Annual New Works Competition

Las Vegas Little Theatre announces an open call for submissions for our 5th Annual New Works Competition. Submissions will be accepted through December 31, 2012. The Winner of the New Works Competition will have their play produced in the April / May Black Box Production slot.

1. All plays must be full length (90 minutes or more). No musicals, please. 2. Plays must have no more than 8 characters — doubling is allowed. 3. The set must be simple or representational. 4. Ideally looking for subject matter that will appeal to an age range of 18-30. 5. Seeking new plays that have not been professionally produced or published. 6. Plays will be screened by the competition committee. The top 5 will be submitted to the judges. 7. Prizes–1st prize = Production of the play in the Fischer Black box in May plus $150. 2nd prize = $75. 3rd prize = $50. 8. Contestants must sign a release form to authorize production. 9. Scripts cannot be returned. 10. Materials that are adapted from or otherwise derived from copyrighted source material must also submit permission to use the material at the time of submission. 11. The winning author agrees to the production of his/her play with no royalty payment. The author also agrees to allow LVLT to video tape the production. The author will receive a DVD of the production. LVLT cannot provide transportation, lodging or other compensation for the author to travel to Las Vegas for the production. 12. Members of LVLT’s board of directors may not submit for this competition. 13. Submissions will be accepted throught Dec 31, 2012. The winner will be announced no later than March 15, 2013. 14. Decision of the judges is final. Any disputes will be decided by the LVLT board of directors. 15. Each submission will be assigned a number and author’s name will not be provided on judges copies of the script to prevent any bias.
Click Here to Download the Rules
Click Here to Download the Entry Form
All Submissions MUST be accompanied by a completed Entry Form
Click HERE to submit via email or email to NewWorks@LVLT.org


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