Upstage Theatre’s 3rd annual Festival of Comedy

Want your original short comedy script performed onstage? Open call opportunity for Upstage Theatre’s 3rd annual Festival of Comedy… Deadline to submit is April 1.
It’s a proven fact that one can avoid the tides of the Ides of March by writing a short comedic script and submitting it to UpStage Theatre’s 3rd Annual FESTIVAL OF COMEDY. If it’s original, funny, family friendly, and can be performed in between 15-30 minutes, we want to see it! Send your script to today! Deadline extended until April. Spread the word!
Additional details:
Scripts of previously unproduced, original scripts can be sent to UpStage until April 1. Selected scripts will be given a FULL production (not just a staged reading) and winning playwrights will receive a cash reward and bragging rights. Submit scripts to or call 713-838-7191 for more information.


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