Late Night 10-Minute Plays

Theatre of NOTE is now accepting submissions for it’s annual Late Night 10-Minute Plays. The title of this year’s show, which is also the theme, is «…And They Were Never Heard From Again.» This Halloween oriented theme was selected is response to this year’s show going up in October. We encourage people to create original works specific to this theme, but if you already have a short script which fits the theme, we invite you to submit that. The deadline to submit your play(s) is May 25th, 2012. They should be no longer than 10 minutes in performance. While we accept previously produced plays, unproduced work will be favored in our selection process. If it’s not blatantly obvious how your script relates to the theme, please add a note explaining. We have often included plays which only vaguely correlates with the evening’s theme but, again, work which clearly relates to the theme will be favored. You can submit your work in any format you like. When we read through the plays to make our selections, we black out all author’s names so that we approach the work unbiased by any individual’s reputation. We will read through the plays and make our selections in June. In July, we will hold interviews with directors for the plays and the writers of the selected works are invited to have as much input into that process as they like. The auditions occur in August and the plays go up during the run of our own World Premiere of Kirsten Vangsness’ play «Potential Space.» Performances of «…And They Were Never Heard From Again» will be Friday and Saturday nights at 11PM for four weeks. David LM McIntyre producer – «…And They Were Never Heard From Again: Theatre of NOTE’s Late Night 10-Minute Plays»


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