Athena Project Festival

Athena Project is proud to announce the call for submissions for its Plays in Progress series.  This series will take place at The Aurora Fox Theatre and The Edge Theatre over the course of three weeks, July 12 – 29, 2012.  6-8 plays will be selected based on a blind submission process.  One play from the series will be given a full production in March of 2013.  Scripts are being accepted from now until midnight, February 11, 2012.

Submission Guidelines are as follows: 

1.  Playwright must be female and may only submit ONE full-length script
2.  The play must not have ever had a fully mounted production.  Prior workshop presentations are      okay, but the script must be a new version.
3.  Submission must include: 

    1. Full copy of script (without playwright contact info*)
    2. Character breakdown (without playwright contact info*)
    3. Short synopsis of script (300 word limit, without playwright contact info*)
    4. Resume
    5. Cover letter addressing what the playwright would like to accomplish with the workshop presentation and how you heard about the call for submissions

4. Plays submitted without all supporting materials included will be disqualified.
5. We recommend the playwright reside in the Greater Denver area or be able to travel to the area      for rehearsals as needed if selected and for at least one weekend of performances at their own      expense.

More info:

*Contact info must be listed ONLY on resume and cover letter, not on script or any other documents (submissions will be read blind).  All documents should include Title of the Play, no playwright contact information.


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