Submission Guidelines for CPF Productions

Specific Guidelines for submissions due by March 1st, 2012 

We will be accepting submissions of plays between 5 minutes and about 20 minutes to be performed in June 2012.  This will be our first ticketed event; it will be a full production and will take place in the theatre at the Cary Arts Center.  
Please follow all general guidelines below.
General Guidelines
1. Finished products only (with the exception of minor revisions for technical reasons). 
2. Submissions accepted three times a year:  June 1st/Nov 1st/March 1st.
3. All script submissions will be reviewed by a selection committee composed of the producer, board production chair and two others (TBA).  The following criteria will be considered:  quality, content and rating (i.e. certain shows may require PG-13 or lower rating depending on venue and expected audience), length, technical complexity.  Some shows may have additional criteria which will be posted on this website and distributed via email.
4. Works submitted by June 30th will be considered for Fall Productions, by November 1st for Winter Productions, and by Feb 29th for Spring/Summer Productions. This allows the committee adequate time to review the submissions before making a selection.
5.  The play must be in Standard Format (please see the attachment below called CPF_play_formatting.pdf). 
6.  Send a pdf of your submission to the Chair of Productions, Pamela Smith at by the deadline for consideration.


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