10-minute play submissions

The Newburgh Free Academy Drama Department will be accepting 10-minute play submissions for their 2nd annual new play festival. The Newburgh Free Academy is an at-risk high school located in Hudson Valley,NY. The students will be the in charge of reading,acting,designing, directing, and producing chosen work.


*Only Ten Minutes (or less).
*Playwrites may submit up to two plays only.
*Must be unplublished. Plays which have had productions/workshops/ readings are okay.
*NO electronic submissions.

Send to: Newburgh Free Academy, 201 Fullerton Ave, Newburgh,NY 12550 (attention Terry Sandler, Drama)

*Deadline: February 1, 2012. Selected plays will be notified in early March.

*A suggested donation of $1.00 per play. Checks made out to: Newburgh Enlarged City Schools. The money will be used for the drama club account to buy props and other supplies for the festival.

Contact Terry Sandler @ terrysandler@hotmail.com for more information

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    10-minute play submissions | ΘΕΑΤΡΙΚΟΙ ΣΥΓΓΡΑΦΕΙΣ


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