New Ideas Festival

The New Ideas Festival is a juried, three-week annual festival of new writing, works-in-progress and experimental theatre, with a different program of plays each week, and a staged reading on Saturdays at noon. It runs from March 14 – 30, 2012.


The New Ideas Festival:
* Began in 1989 as one of the few juried theatre festivals in Toronto.
* Encourages playwrights to stay involved in the project throughout the rehearsal process.
* Is part of the Alumnae Theatre, a not-for-profit and non-union company, which actively encourages diversity in its casting and membership.
* Is focused on development and community. It does not charge entry fees to participants, or pay fees, royalties or a box office share to participants.
* Provides dramaturgical support to assist in script development.
* Provides Directors, Stage Managers, technical and front of house staff with rehearsal space and publicity.

Submission guidelines are available



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