Albee workshop class in Houston

This was just posted on the UH website:


Edward Albee Playwriting Workshop at the University of Houston

Edward Albee, Distinguished Professor of Playwriting at the University of Houston School of Theatre & Dance, will mentor 5-8 emerging playwrights for a graduate workshop offered in Spring 2011. Ideal candidates for this master class will be serious about becoming professional playwrights and will have already written multiple plays. Recent graduates from university playwriting programs are encouraged to apply. Applicants must be able to relocate to Houston, TX and enroll in a 3-credit hour Advanced Playwriting course at the University of Houston. Financial aid is not available for this course.

Please submit the following:

* A full-length, original play you have written within the last three years. Only stage plays will be considered; please do not submit screenplays, novels, poetry, etc. Nearly complete current playwriting projects are acceptable.
* Current resume.
* A two-page statement describing your interest in playwriting, your reasons for wanting to study with Mr. Albee specifically, and how the experience might further your career goals as a playwright.

The deadline for submissions is December 1, 2010.

Submit materials to:
Prof. Steven W. Wallace
Director / Artistic Director
University of Houston
School of Theatre & Dance
133 CWM
Houston, TX 77204-4016
Attention: Application Materials – Edward Albee Class


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