November opportunities

One Acts
1st: Snowdance Comedy Festival
1st: MadLab Theatre’s Theatre Roulette
1st: Actors Theatre of Louisville’s National Ten-Minute Play Contest
14th: Box Wine Theatre’s Political Ten-Minute Play Fest
15th: Universal Theatre’s Universal Theatre 2011
15th: Lakeshore Players’ 7th Annual Ten-Minute Playwrighting Contest
15th: nufan ensemble’s 7 Plays in 7 Holi-Days
15th: In the Moment Films’ Word*Play Short Script Competition
30th: Middle Tennessee State University’s 18th Annual Tennessee Chapbook Prize ($15 fee)
30th: Stage Door Productions’ 4th Annual Original One-Act Play Festival
30th: Bottle Tree Productions’ 2010 Writing Competition ($25 fee)

Full Lengths
1st: Monkey Wrench Collective Theatre Company’s Reading Series (plays by women)
1st: Buran Theatre Company’s Open Call for Non-Traditional Plays
15th: id Theater’s Seven Devils Playwrights Conference
19th: Sanguine Productions’ Project Playwright ($15 fee)
23rd: Bleeker Street Theatre Company’s 2011 Spring Monday Night Reading Series
30th: Writing Man Productions’ East Meets West Monthly Play Reading Series

10th: College of the Canyons New Works Festival



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