HighTide Festival 2012, U.K.

HighTide is open for play submissions for HighTide Festival 2012.
We annually receive around 800 unsolicited submissions. Every script is read by HighTide’s artistic team.  
We are looking to fully produce and premiere new works by emerging playwrights. We welcome international scripts, written in English. 
We are able to accept only one script submission per writer, and we ask that should writers have more than one script for HighTide to consider then they choose the script they wish most to be professionally produced.
Scripts can be submitted by emailing: scripts@hightide.org.uk
Plays can also be sent to the address below, but electronic submissions are preferable. Scripts will not be returned.
Submission deadline: 15th May 2011
Please send all printed submissions to: HighTide, 24a St John Street, London EC1M 4AY
Season 2011 will be announced in Winter 2010.
Website: http://www.hightide.org.uk/about-us/


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