September Opportunities

Short Plays
4th: Valley Repertory Company’s Second LabWorks 15-Minute New Play Contest
10th: Alumnae Theatre Company’s New Ideas Festival
15th: nufan ensemble’s A Table & Chairs
15th: Dulaang U.P. Baguio’s Peace Theater Short Play Writing Competition
19th: Fort Hill Players’ From the Wings One Act Play Festival ($20 submission fee and you have to become a member of the Fort Hill Players)
20th: Theatre Ariel’s 20th Anniversary 10 Minute Play Festival: Stranger in Our Midst (plays of Jewish content that reflect the theme ‘stranger in our midst’)
30th: Theatre Three’s 14th Annual Festival of One-Act Plays
30th: Minnesota Productions’ It’s Outta Here! (plays about baseball and focused around the theme ‘little league’)
30th: Astor Street Opry Company’s 2011 Original Script Competition ($15 entry fee)

Full Length
11th: MokitaGrit Productions’ The Script 2011
15th: Ex Libris Theater Company’s Fall 2010 Developmental Reading Series (musicals also welcome)
27th: Polarity Ensemble Theatre’s Dionysus Cup Festival of New Plays
30th: University of Glasgow and The Association for Scottish Literary Studies (plays or other word based writing works from current residents or folks born in Scotland)
30th: Northern Kentucky University’s Y.E.S. Festival of New Plays
30th: Stony Brook University’s John Gassner New Play Competition
30th: PlayPenn 2010 New Play Development Conference
30th: Reston Community Players’ New Play Project

15th: New Dramatists’ Kleban Prize


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