July Opportunities

15th: Ohio State University Department of Theatre’s Walhalla Deck Plays Project (plays set on, near, or about the deck at 198 Walhalla Rd, Columbus, Ohio, more information and stranger guidelines can be found at http://www.walhalladeckplays.blogspot.com)
15th: Neo Ensemble’s Motel Plays (plays set in the room of a cheap motel, email entries to mikadoog@gmail.com)
17th: Fort Point Theatre Channel’s Masks
31st: EBE Ensemble’s Elephants on Parade
31st: LiveWire Chicago Theatre’s VisionFest 3 (this year’s theme is ’Feast’ and must include the line “I can’t remember the last time we were all together.’ Deadline extended to August 23rd, but wanted to put it up now to make sure I wouldn’t forget to repost in August)

Full Length

30th: Brevard Little Theater’s 6th Annual New Play Competition
31st: Reston Community Players New Play Project



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