Αρχείο για Μαΐου, 2010

June Opportunities

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Full Lengths Plays (Κανονικής διάρκειας έργα)

1st: Abingdon Theatre Company
1st: Montclair State University Department of Theatre & Dance’s New Works Initiative
1st: Southeastern Theatre Conference (for residents of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, or West Virginia)
1st: College of Chalreston Theatre Department’s 2nd Annual Todd McNerney National Playwriting Contest
1st: Maieutic Theatre Works’ National Newborn Festival (plays that deal with the theme of ‘the ideas and philosophies behind human nature and the extent of our own potential’)
15th: Middle East America’s New Plays Initiative (for playwrights of Middle Eastern background, which includes West/Southwest Asia and North Africa, who have plays with Middle Eastern themes)
15th: Dionysus Theatre’s New Voices (plays by people with disabilities or about disabilities)
20th: Thespian Productions’ Domestic Violence Month Showcase
22nd: Ahimsa Collective’s Living Room Tour (plays that can be produced in a living room)
28th: ARTS/West’s Humble Play: Appalachian New Play Festival
30th: St. Leo University’s Department of English, Fine Arts, and Humanities (preference will be given to plays that deal with Irish/Irish American themes, featured actors between the ages of 18 and 30 and share an even casting of male and females, and low in tech, email to david.McGinnis@saintleo.edu)
30th: Firehouse Theatre Project’s 9th Annual Festival of New American Plays
30th: Hidden River Arts Playwriting Award
30th: Columbus State University’s Larry Corse Prize for Playwriting


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Writers: Lina Galrito (POR/FIN), Andreas Flourakis (GR), Ari Wahlsten (FIN), Andras Rutkai (HUN), Ioan Peter (RO), Nicoleta Esinencu (MD), Stefan Peca (RO), Roman Schatz (G/FIN), Özen Yula (TUR), Emma Carlin (SWE/ENG), Patrick Maisamo (CH), Nina Mitrovic (HR), Kristian Smeds (FIN)
Directed by: David Kozma (RO/FIN), Martina Marti (CH/FIN)
Dramaturg: Markus Alanen (FIN)
Set design: Maija Poskiparta (FIN)
Lights: Jaakko Jokio (FIN)
Sound: Romulus Chiciuc (RO/FIN), Osku Leinonen (FIN)
Actors: Ullariikka Koskela (FIN), Salla Kozma (FIN), Saija Lentonen (FIN), Romulus Chiciuc (RO/FIN), David Kozma (RO/FIN)

Premiere: 26.08.2010 at Stage- Helsinki theatre festival
Place: Korjaamo cultural factory


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60 MILLION + PLUS, a San Francisco based performance company, is looking for one man plays for a black male actor to be considered for a fall production in its 2011 season. We are open to all playwrights who write in English. Each play submission is read, reviewed and given a process of evaluation by our staff of theater professionals from around the country.60 MILLION + PLUS, founded in 2010 by Robert Henry Johnson, is a San Francisco based performance company which offers year round productions, workshop performances and literary recitals open to the general public. Our mission is to preserve cutting edge plays by playwrights who use experimental forms. We support playwrights of all heritages and backgrounds. We are in search for plays to produce in our 2011 home season which will take place at the Buriel Clay Memorial Theater in San Francisco.


We will consider all plays honoring our specified request. 

FORMAT: Only snail mail submissions are accepted. Electronic submissions will not be considered and will be eliminated from the reviewing process. Plays can be on either single or double sided paper, and should be secured only with a removable binder clip. Do not bind or staple. Use 12 pt. font (preferably Courier, Roman Times or Times) and numerate each page. Include your current e-mail address and any other pertinent contact information on the title page.

DEADLINE: Postmarked by June 30, 2010.

MAILING ADDRESS: Please send submissions to ROBERT HENRY JOHNSON, 60M+P, 762 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA 94012.
NOTIFICATION: September 1, 2010

Send one unproduced original one act or full-length play. Scripts will not be returned. 

Pillow Plays

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The Chrysalis Players of the Wilmington Drama League, a non-profit community theater in Delaware, seek 40 – 55 minute scripts for their ongoing series of “Pillow Plays,” short plays for kids.

One-act play competition

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Katapult Productions are looking for submissions for previously unperformed one act plays with a limit of five characters.
The winning entry will be performed in September by a professional theatre company for four performances at Sarah Thorne Theatre Club, Broadstairs, Kent. Deadline 2nd July. Plays should be sent to James Watts, Katapult Productions, 17 Priory Hill, Dover, Kent CT17 0AA. There is no entry fee, but please include contact details and an SAE if you need your script to be returned.
Through May 31, read «The Thing with Feathers,» a Warren Adler short story competition finalist, at http://www.warrenad ler.com/writing- contest.shtml


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Εισηγήτρια: Βίκυ Μιχοπούλου, νομικός – συγγραφέας

 Σάββατο  8 Μαΐου 2010, 12- 15.00

«ΜΟΥΣΙΚΟΙ – ΣΤΙΧΟΥΡΓΟΙ και ΠΝΕΥΜΑΤΙΚΑ ΔΙΚΑΙΩΜΑΤΑ – Από τις δισκογραφικές εταιρείες στο Pirate Bay»

Προστασία του δημιουργού και τρόποι εκμετάλλευσης του έργου του. Η εισήγηση θα ολοκληρωθεί με παραδείγματα από την εγχώρια και διεθνή σκηνή και συζήτηση με τους δημιουργούς.

Κυριακή  9 Μαΐου 2010, 12 – 15.00

«ΣΥΓΓΡΑΦΕΙΣ και ΠΝΕΥΜΑΤΙΚΑ ΔΙΚΑΙΩΜΑΤΑ- Από τη δημιουργία της ιδέας στην εκμετάλλευση ενός έργου». Προστασία του νέου δημιουργού και τρόποι διαχείρισης ενός έργου. Η εισήγηση θα ολοκληρωθεί με παραδείγματα από την εγχώρια και διεθνή αγορά και συζήτηση με τους δημιουργούς.

Αγαθάρχου 12, Ψυρρή, 2ος όροφος
Τηλ.επικοινωνίας: 210 3252034, 6972107672
E-mail: springpeople@gmail.com
www .springpeople .gr