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The Gallery Players is seeking a full-length original musical to be produced by the company as part of their regular 7 show season for 16 performances. We are seeking unpublished works but prior productions are ok. Shows will be produced under the AEA showcase code in our theater in Brooklyn, NY. Recent previous productions in this slot were Yank! A New Musical (2007) by Joe and David Zellnik, Like You Like It (2008) by Sammy Buck and Daniel S. Acquisto, and Top of the Heap (2009) by Jeffrey Lodin and William Squier. 5-6 piece bands (including musical director) are the norm for our productions.

Please submit the following:
-A resume indicating authors experience/producti ons etc.
-A one-page synopsis including a scene/location breakdown
-A list of characters including gender and age
-Two copies of the play script
-A demo CD if available
-Indicate running time
-A breakdown of the orchestra parts and any other info you wish to include about the score.
-A self-addressed, stamped postcard if you wish us to acknowledge receipt of your materials.

Send submissions via postal mail ASAP to:
The Gallery Players
Artistic Director: Heather S. Curran
199 14th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

No e-mail submissions please. We cannot return any materials submitted. Not all submissions will receive a response.

We are open to both dramas and comedies, and to any and all themes. No children’s theater pieces please. No cast size over 20. Prefer running time should be 2 ½ hours or less. Rehearsal period is 5 weeks only including tech. week.



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