Emigrant Hotel

One of every 50 people worldwide is in migration.
Trafficking in people is the fastest-growing business of organized crime and «the biggest human rights violation in the world.»
Some 500,000 undocumented migrants enter the European Union each year, up to 50 percent of global traffic in immigrants–a $3 billion business for organized crime networks in Europe.
Most of Europe, Japan, South Korea, The Russian Federation, and the United States face declining working-age populations and need «replacement» migrants to support their aged.
Freedom to emigrate is a human right, parts of the right to have to have freedom of movement. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, «Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country».

Emigrant hotel is a work in progress which goes inside of the emigration issue. Authors from different countries are writing the performance i.a. the Finnish Ari Wahlsten and Kristian Smeds, the Swedish Emma Carlin, the Serbian Ugljesa Sajtinac, Milena Bogavac and Maja Pelevic, the Croatian Nina Mitrovic, the Moldavian Nicoleta Esinencu, the Greek Andreas Flourakis, the Swiss Patrick Maisano, the Romanian Stefan Peca and Ioan Peter, the hungarian Andras Rutkai and the German/ Finnish Roman Schatz.

Performance language: Finnish



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