New Plays from the Heartland

If you haven’t submitted your play yet for «New Plays from the Heartland,» our Midwest One-Act Play Competition, we hope you’re writing now and getting ready to submit it soon! 

All the details are at: http://www.heartlan dtheatre. org/NewPlays. htm

Theme: “Anniversary”

«Happy Anniversary» is easy to say, even though they’re not always happy, are they? At its most basic, an anniversary is just a day to remember.

To the French, «anniversaire» is the same as a birthday. Joyeux anniversaire, mon ami!

To Emily Post, it’s a day upon which one must offer very specific gifts, like wool for those married seven years (now you know where the seven-year itch comes from) and silver to those celebrating 25 years of wedded bliss. But it could be a company’s Duodecennial (if it’s been around 12 years), a city’s Demisemiseptcentenn ial (175 years) or the just the Quindecennial of the Class of 95. Party down, 33 year olds! Or maybe this is the day, however many years ago, that somebody’s beloved dumped her, a prodigal son reappeared, a tornado blew a whole town away, somebody won the lottery, or ignominious defeat trampled what seemed like certain victory.

A happy day, a sad day, a day with shades of gray… We’re looking for one-act plays that involve one of the above, for any anniversary you choose. Just make it a one-act anniversary to remember and send it our way.



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