Wordsmyth Theater New Play Reading Series

Date: 3/31/2010 (received by)
Material: One Act or Two Act Plays

Wordsmyth Theater is accepting plays for a New Play Reading Series in the fall. The plays will be read in September, October and November of 2010. Each month, a selected playwright will be paired with a director and cast. The play will then be read in front of an audience. The audience will then be invited to stay after for a discussion of the play moderated by a professor of dramaturgy from University of Houston.

Submissions Must Meet the Following Criteria:

1. Play must not have been produced.
2. Play must not have had a public reading in the Houston area.
3. Submission must be received on or before March 31, 2010.
4. Submission must be a minimum of 40 pages long and have a
minimum run time of 40 minutes.
5. Submission must be in .doc, .pdf, or .rtf.
6. Only one play per playwright per submission period.

Submission Process:

Please submit a script with no playwright identifiers plus a title page with only the title in one file, plus contact info in the body of the email or on another title page in another file.

For email submissions: submissions@ wordsmyththeater .org

For regular mail: Although electronic copies are strongly preferred to hard copies, we do accept submissions through the regular mail. Please send an email requesting an address and criteria.


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