THE 8 MINUTE MADNESS FESTIVAL , 2010, produced by TRU member company Turtle Shell Productions is poised for its return for it’s eighth annual season at our state of the art theatre in the heart of Times Square. Ten-minute plays are wanted. The 26 selected plays will cover a wide range of subjects and will be directed by Turtle Shell’s professional team of directors, performed by our in-house acting members, THE TROUPE and designed by a group of experienced set, lighting, sound, and costume designers. The run of up to 16 performances will be publicized by our marketing team. Submission deadline 2/15/10. GUIDELINES Each playwright may submit up to two plays. (Please note on the application which is your first submission and second.) Plays must be 12 minutes or less in duration. No exceptions! Please be aware that ALL plays must be able to be cut to 10 minutes or less. The plays should allow for simple staging. Script pages are numbered and in play format. Front cover has Play Title, Playwrights Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email. Character breakdown. NO ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS PLEASE. WE WILL NOT READ THEM. SEND OR DROP OFF YOUR SCRIPT(S) to the attention of THE 8-minute madness festival, Turtle Shell Productions, 300 W. 43rd St. New York, NY 10036. DEADLINE IS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH, 2010. NO SUBMISSION FEE. TO ACCESS THE APPLICATION go to http://www.turtleshellprod If your play has been produced or has had a reading we will still accept your submission. If it has been produced under an «Equity Code» please note it on the application with the dates of production. If you have any questions please contact the Festival Selection Committee at 8minute@turtleshell productions. com — Rich Orloff http://www.richorloff. com



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