150° anniversary of Anton Chekhov, Yelets

An initiative of artists from all over the world

Idea: M° Jurij Alschitz

Project of E.A.T.C. invitation to all the artists that are interested to take part in it.

Dear Friends, Dear collegues,

For us it’s important to invite you to take part to the celebration of the 150° anniversary of the birthday of Anton Chekhov.

It’s an event open to all the people that feel to belong to the world of theatre and arts, an event shared by artists that come from each part of the world with the aim to make a real «party» for one of the founding father of contemporary theatre.

Our meeting point, our date, will be in Moscow , the 27 of January of 2010, at the train station.

We will have the luggages in the hand and probably we will be cold and tired.

We will not find anyone that is waiting for us and not one touristic group. No gentle Lady with an open umbrella who will show us the way.

What we will find, will be one special train, with a special wagon reserved for us.

There will be only people from us: actors, actresses, directors, men and women of theatre which decide individually to move and meet each other in Moscow , ready to jump on a train directed to Yelets to follow the tracks of the journey faced by Nina, Nina Zarecnaja.

The arrival is planned at 8.30 of the next morning. We will travel all night, in a simple wagon with special taste.

But it will not be only a train travel: it will be a night of theatre and arts. The actresses which like to present it, could play the monologue of Nina «lions, eagles…», proposing their own understanding. We could also improvise and build a jury and then we can vote for the «best» version of Nina and provocate in this way a discussion about arts and theatre which can involve all of us for all the travel.

We will make alive this wagon, with our fantasy, with our visions, and it will transform into a magical place, without time and space, where

everything could be, like in the world of dream, really special.

At the moment of the arrival, (28th early morning), in Yelets , we will be received by our Russian colleagues and they will bring us, to our accomodation. It will be very simple rooms, similar to the Nina’s one. After a rest will have a meeting at the «caffè-cantina» of the theatre.There, people, experts about Chekhov, will speak about the portrait of Actresses and Women in the Chekhov Art. They will speak about his actresses, about his loves and about the border between real women and characters.

In the evening we will have the chance to look to a performance about Chekhov created by Russian artists.

The 29th will be the main day of our being in Yelets : we will pose a statue that represents Nina/actress (created by the donation of the «Action») that after this last travel, finally, will take its right place. We will take care about it till there.

The sculpture will contain inside the name of each person who has given a contribution to its creation as eternal memory. This ceremony will be accompanied by the sound of recorded voice of actresses from the past that have played the role of Nina, like Anna Magnani, Jeanne Moreau, Vera Komisarjewskaja, Vanessa Redgrave, Stefania Sandrelli, ecc… So we will listen to Nina’s monologue in each world language.

After the ceremony dedicated to the sculpture, in the evening, will be presented a performance created by European artists, inspired by the «Seagull». Following the performance, it will be the presentation of the winner of the contest dedicated to the creation of a short novel about the continuation of Nina’s life, after the end of Seagull. It could be the base for a new theatre performance.

At the end,we will have a dinner at the theatre, with everybody. The voices and Nina’s sound will continue to follow us, and with this will be «frizzi and lazzi», and more artistical events. A lot of brindisi and anecdotes about Chekhov … In brief a birthday party for Anton.

The 30 of January we will go back to Moscow .

This is the «programm» of the moving party, created to celebrate artisticly Chekhov. We are happy and glad to accept everyone who feels the desire to participate and support us.

It’s a moment of meeting between theatre artists, in the same place where Nina understood her vocation as Actress. Without success, without any glory, without any money. She has understood what does it mean when the dreams of the youth become reality. This journey in the provincial countryside, in a place unknown also by Russian people should be an important page of our artistical biography.

It’s a moment of sharing, of active participation to an ideal. The ideal of theatre in its main meaning, that it cannot divide but it should unite

people which feel that they belong to it.

We like to think that a lot of friends and colleagues will be with us in this travel, in this crazy adventure that will lead us around Russia . We will touch an aspect of theatre life which we have only heard about and we have never touched before.

We will live in a dimension of simple things, from the rooms to the food, from the train to the theatre, that bring to us the smell of that provincial life which a lot of times was described by Chekhov.

We believe in the action, that from everyone and at the same time from each individual can move energy. For this reason we are waiting for you: each of us with his own inner dance, with his own sensibility and talent, to be part of this extraordinary event. To take part into this journey inside and outside theatre. All together, but alone, we will be the waves that one after another are feeding the way to make theatre and its caleidoscopical universe.

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donation for the sculpture of Nina:

for italy

Associazione culturale

“Arterie – Centro interculturale Ricerche Teatrali”

via per Modena 132

41030 Bomporto (Mo)

IBAN: it 14 c 02008 12910 000100643418, Banca Unicredit

Con la causale: donazione NINA-PROJECT

for the rest of the world


IBAN: DE89100500000230032206

BIC: BELADEBEXXX, Berliner Sparkasse

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