F.A.C.T. (Friends Always Creating Theatre)

F.A.C.T. (Friends Always Creating Theatre) New York City

Seeks Original Plays for Our 2010 Season

  A newly formed Non-profit Membership Theatre Company, F.A.C.T. seeks original scripts for several projects thorughout the 2010 season. The company premiered at the NYC FRINGE this past August with GUTTER STAR: The Paperback Musical and have since presented two workshop presentations, CONNECT THE PLOTS and the HO HO HOliday One Acts.

  The company will host a NEW monthly Reading Series WORDS & WINE on the last SUNDAY Afternoon of the MONTH, 3:00pm (January 31) (February 28) (March 28) (April 25) and we are looking for short plays or cuttings from full length plays that can be presented in a 10-15 minute format. We are interested in hearing from Playwrights around the world but especially invite New York/New Jersey Playwrights to get involved with us.   We accept scripts through email and our reading committee looks forward to hearing from you. If chosen, your play will be presented by a cast of Professional Actors. They will be presented as Cold Readings, however all actors will receive your script several days in advance of the presentation. THE PUBLIC is invited to join us for Entertainiment and a glass of wine. 

  In addition, we will present INSTANT THEATRE, a 48 Hour Play Festival on MARCH 12-13-14-15 and invite local Playwrights to get involved. If interested in working in a FUN, FAST, environment, please send a resume and a 10 page sample of your work via email. Mark Subject Line: Interested in Instant Theatre

  We are also interested in hearing from local NY/NJ actors-actresses who would like to participate in the Reading series and/or Instant Theatre. Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested. Performers need to send a photo and resume.

  NO PAY. NO FEE for submissions.

  Send all SCRIPTS and Actors Photos/Resumes to

  fact.theatre@ gmail.com

  Check us out on Our Blog at factheatre.wordpres s.com

or on Facebook at F.A.C.T. –  (Our web site is under construction)



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