International Festival of One-Act Plays

Summary: Write Now is currently accepting submissions for its first annual International Festival of One-Act Plays to be held at The Actor’s Studio, Seel Street, Liverpool

Location: Liverpool, England
Region: UK, England, North West England
Deadline: 25 Sep 2009

The fesital will run between Friday 26 March and Saturday 3 April 2010. Any / all one-act play submissions will be accepted except for adaptations, musicals or children’s plays. All pieces must be original. Running time must be 45 – 60 minutes. Settings should be simple or suggested. Other than that there are no limitations!

Script submissions will close on Friday 25 September 2009. The final selection of plays to be invited will be made by Tuesday 15 December 2009.

Organization: Write Now Festival
Contact Name: Ian Moore
Contact Email: info@writenowfestiv



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