Center of the World Festival

Grand Prize $500. This is an all-ages amateur playwright competition for community readers theatre. No «X» rated material. Festival dates are 8/14/09 to 8/16/09. Venue is Pine Mountain Club (PMC), Kern County, California. PMC is a small community nestled within the Los Padres National Forest, near the historic spiritual site of Mount Pinos, worshipped by the Chumash Indians as the center of the world (Liyikshup), «the point where everything is in balance.» In the spirit of Lyikshup, 10-minute plays must reflect theme of peaceful conflict resolution. NoPP, original scripts only. Plays are performed in outdoor stage. No complicated sets, lighting, or props. Audience will vote for the winner. All festival event donations are directed to Kern County Red Cross for establishment of mental health disaster team. For complete theme and submission rules, and entry forms, go to website: Http://



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