Winners of the International Playwriting Competition 2006-2008

The International Playwrights’ Forum (IPF) and International Monodrama Forum of the International Theatre Institute ITI / UNESCO present the Winners of the International Playwriting Competition 2006-2008 – Monodrama – Clash.

1st Prize: Because of my brother by Ndifor Eleves F. Abdul, Republique du Niger
2nd Prize: Les Guetteurs by Pascal Nordmann, Switerzland
3rd Prize: Psychic Force by Andreas Flourakis, Greece

For 2008 competition, the International Playwrights’ Forum paid attention to the clashes inherent in contemporary life. We had invited playwrights to write monodramas inspired by whatever ‘clash’ may mean to them. Monodrama is a medium where clashes can be seen in the individual.



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