One Act
1st: Le Petit Theatre de Terrebonne’s Playwriting Contest
8th: Pint-Sized Plays (short plays performed in Welsh pubs)
15th: Little Fish Theatre’s Pick of the Vine
15th: Every 1’s a Critic’s Sitcoms That Can Be Staged
30th: Georgia Theatre Conference 2008 One Act Play Competition
31st: Magnolia Arts Center’s 3rd Annual 10-Minute Play Contest

Full Length
1st: Stepping Stone Theatre Company
1st: Ice and Fire Theatre’s Protect the Human Playwriting Competition

15th: Yale Drama Series’ Prize for Emerging Playwrights
31st: Marin Theatre Company’s David Calicchio Prize
31st: Marin Theatre Company’s Sky Cooper Prize
31st: Palm Beach Dramaworks


8th: The Movement Theatre Company’s 2008 Elevator Reading Series
15th: Aurora Theatre Company’s 4th Annual Global Age Project

1st: BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theater Workshop



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