Multi-Arts 4th Annual Playwrighting Competition.

Multi-Arts, Inc., Theatre and Visual Arts training program for children. Conducting 4th annual Playwrighting Competition seeking submissions for plays written for children. Anyone can submit their play into the competition. The winner wins 200.00 and a staging of their show by the 2008 summer training intensive class. Looking for scripts that provide roles for a large number of young performers; preferably ensemble pieces with evenly-sized parts. Plays adapted from existing folk tales and plays that can incorporate music and movement are welcome. Writers fall into 2 categories: CHILDREN, (playwrights 18 and younger) & ADULTS (For playwrights 18 and older).
Plays for actors 6 to 8 years old should be 10 to 15 pages long.; Plays for actors 8-10 years old should be between 20-25 pages long.; Plays for actors ages 11 and up should not exceed 30 pages.; include short author’s bio.
E-mail submissions: Catalina Arrubla:



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