SUNY College at Brockport, The Department of Theatre 6th Biennial Festival of Ten-Minute Plays

Running time of seven to fourteen minutes. Only original plays allowed. No musicals. Previously produced plays, for which an admission was charged, are not accepted. Each manuscript must be typed and NOT bound. Please send 2 copies of the script with removable cover pages. Include author’s name, address, e-mail address and phone number on the cover page only. Play Title and page numbers only on all other pages. No scripts will be returned. Plays not selected will be destroyed. Entries will be acknowledged if a SASE or post card is enclosed. The top ten plays will be produced in fully realized productions as part of the SUNY College at Brockport/ Festival of Ten VI /in February 2009. Prize money will be awarded to top three selected plays ($300, $200, $100).



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