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ONE-ACT PLAYS: One-act plays are only accepted for our annual Premiere One-Act Competition. First prize is $200 plus full production with a 2-4 week run in Winner’s Circle: Moving Arts’ Premiere One-Act Festival. Finalists get program mention and possible production. Regulations: single set, cast limit of eight, no prior production in the Los Angeles area. While we have no strict rules regarding page length, the preferred range is 5-70. Our primary interest is the quality of the work. All playwrights are eligible except Moving Arts company members. SUBMISSION PERIOD: until JANUARY 31 (postmark). Notification: Fall/Winter. The Process: 200-300 entries (projected) are received and circulated among a panel of judges; one winner is chosen, and 6-8 plays are selected for production in the Festival, including the winner. Submission procedure: There is no application form. Send script, cover letter, SASE, and $10 entry fee* per script (made out to Moving Arts) to:



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