eyeBLINK productions are looking for

eyeBLINK productions are looking for a very specific set of two 20 minute plays.  

Guidelines: Seeking only 5 playwrights. Each
playwright must submit a 20 minute drama and
a 20 minute comedy. Both plays should have
the same characters, max of 4. Theme should
be about the bright or dark side of love; found love, lost love. Both plays can be a continution of the same story with either comedy or drama, or the plays can be totally different scenarios (with the same characters). Minimal set/lights. Theatre has bed, tables, chairs, piano. MInimal rehearsals for each play – 2 hours of rehearsal per play.
Multicultural themes / characters preferred.
One director will work on both plays.

Deadline: Jan 31
Great opportunity to get your work seen and work with a nonprofit organization trying to promote social change!

Please submit your plays as Word docs. Please
be sure that they are no longer than 20 minute
plays. Non union.

 More details can be found here: http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/wrg/530708267.html



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