Harvest Theatre of Toledo

Harvest Theatre of Toledo



Harvest Theatre One Page Play Festival
P.O. Box 140323
Toledo, OH 43614-0323

Harvest Theatre of Toledo is seeking original play submissions for its One Page International Play Festival (Holiday Edition) to be performed as part of their regular season in rotating repertory with Penny Penniworth, latter part of December, 2007. One page in length, double-spaced, on any topic having to do with the December/January holiday season (i.e. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwaanza, New Year, Solstice, etc.). Scripts will NOT be returned; maximum 4 characters per play; monologues accepted but not preferred. Submit as many plays as you like. Accepting original holiday songs as well for production in One Page Play Fest. Songs may be longer than one page! A small honorarium will be awarded to plays and songs we choose to be performed as part of our production.



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