2006/2007 GUIDELINES
Plays For The 21ST Century is an ongoing international play competition sponsored by Playwrights Theater, Inc. We are incorporated in the State of Texas and have been recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) organization. Finalists will be selected and may receive a full production, funding permitting. Judges reserve the right to make neither award nor production if, in their opinion, no plays so merit. There are no restrictions on theme, style or genre. Plays are accepted from all countries. Please read the guidelines below and follow the instructions to prevent disqualification of your application.
1. Plays must be either FULL LENGTH or ONE ACT and in English.
2. FULL LENGTH plays may be one act long with a common theme or continuing characters which, collectively, constitute an evening (approximately 90 minutes) are acceptable. One character plays also are acceptable if they meet the minimum playing time.
3. ONE ACT PLAYS must have a running time from 35 to 40 minutes. The running time is the only limitation. The format is purposefully vague to allow for creativity. A combination of 10 minute plays, vignettes, or a short single act. We created this new catagory to accomodate those writers whose works were not long enough to qualify as FULL LENGTH plays.
4. Play must be original. No adaptations. No children or youth plays. No musicals. No exceptions. Play must not have been professionally produced or published at time of submission. It may have had developmental readings, workshops or a non-professional production.
5. Plays must be submitted electronically via email to either 2.act.play@sbcglobal.net for FULL LENGTH plays or 1.act.play@sbcglobal.net for ONE ACT plays.
6. Each email submission must include:
-A play in standard playwright format saved as a Word document [.doc] or RICH TEXT [.rtf] or HTML [.html] file
-Indication as to which category of play in submitted. FULL LENGTH or ONE ACT.
-Play is an attachment to the email
-Playwrights’ name, address and phone number in the body of the email
-A brief synopsis in the body of the email
-A valid email address where we can contact you
7. Playwright logins: Once we receive a completed email submission, we will create a user ID and login password for the submitting author. This login information will be sent to the email address from which the play was submitted. Note: Even though a playwright login account has been created, a play will NOT be reviewed until an application fee has been processed.
8. A word about standard play formatting. Templates for standard playwright format are available commercially. Microsoft does offer a screenwriter’s template for free [a MSOffice add-in] that can be adapted to accommodate your play to generally accepted formatting standards go there and look under Personal Interests…/Hobbies…. If you are not using a template, please refer to this link to view generally accepted standards for formatting. Recommended fonts are; Arial Helvetica or Courier New.
9. Please limit your submission to manuscript HTML, RICH TEXT [.rtf] or Word document [.doc] format in decreasing order of preference. No graphics, borders or other visual enhancements, please. Plays are evaluated solely on literary merit and anything other than text detracts from its overall value in our contest.
10. An application fee of $20.00/US must arrive at our physical address no later than March 22, 2007. Checks or money orders must be made payable to «Playwrights Theater, Inc.» DO NOT SEND CASH. DO NOT SEND THE LETTER BY CERTIFIED MAIL. Plays without an application fee will be disqualified. Returned checks will disqualify a play.
11. Mail your application fee to Playwrights Theater Inc., Plays for the 21st Century, 6732 Orangewood Drive, Dallas, TX 75248. Include the name of the play, the author’s name, physical address, phone number and email address with the application fee.
12. Playwrights may submit more than one play. A separate email application and $20.00/US fee must accompany each submission.
13. Contest winners will be posted on the web site; http://www.playwrightstheater.org. Reader critiques/comments will be available to the submitting author on the website.
14. Two or more authors may submit a play. In such a case please indicate one person as the primary contact for administrative purposes.
15. Copyright license always remains with the author[s], however submitted scripts will not be returned. Always retain your own original copy.



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